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This is a Role-Play based off of the popular Percy Jackson Series. You can be canons, mortals, almost anything you can think of.
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 Practicing With Weapons (Open)

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Blaze Imperia

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PostSubject: Practicing With Weapons (Open)   Sun Oct 07, 2012 3:01 am

As the sun shone in the sky, the arena was bustling with many campers.

Blaze was practicing with a bow with targets surrounding him. He shot an arrow at one target. Perfect. It landed right in the middle of the target. He turned to the other one and adjusted his aim. He pulled the string back, inserted an arrow and shot it at the target. Again, it landed right in the middle of the target. He could practice all day since there were targets all around him. Blaze sat down and looked around for any people who weren't doing anything. He couldn't find any that weren't. Oh well. He thought as he plucked the bow a few times.

Blaze slowly stood up after a few minutes and pulled his bow up. He squinted a little bit as he looked at the target. He pulled the bow back again and shot the arrow. The arrow landed near the middle. Blaze looked at the arrow. It didn't land in the exact middle. Let's try this again. He turned to the other targets and shot his arrows. One landed in the middle. The other two landed in the area near the middle. Blaze went over a close rock and sat down, crossing his legs. He closed his eyes and started to meditate. It was quite nice considering there was noise all around him. He shut out all the noise and kept meditating.

Blaze talks in this color and thinks about other stuff in this color.

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Seamus Dellas
Unclaimed Demigod
Seamus Dellas

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PostSubject: Re: Practicing With Weapons (Open)   Wed Oct 17, 2012 10:22 am

Seamus entered the Arena like he did a year ago. He remebered that day plan as day he was only 14 and he was super angry. Seamus turned to see a boy and he walked over to him and said " Whats Up? I'm Seamus Dellas by the way,and you are?" he asked the kid. Seamus had on a rusty pair of Levi's Jeans, Red Hollister Shirt,and he had on a clean pair of airborns. Seamus also had on a breastplate and his sword neatly tucked in the sword compartment on his brestplate.

" I'm unclaimed...Been unclaimed for over a year now. It was kinda of easy to adapt to but my heart has a missing part which is for my father." said Seamus. His life had been all horrible his dad was somewhere out there but where? Only a wise person could know but he learned not to get so wrapped up in it. " Ah...Haven't I seen you before?" asked Seamus.

Clothes Status

White Botton Down Shirt

White Shorts

Blue Vans

Shark Tooth Neckless
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PostSubject: Re: Practicing With Weapons (Open)   Sun Oct 28, 2012 12:33 am

Ian walked onto the arena field where a couple of boys were training Oh no, more people. He thought. The rusty shortsword that he found in the armoury was on his belt next to his wand that he carved himself. The training he received from the Hecate cabin was paying off. They all said he had a knack for it. They let him create his own wand to aid him in casting spells.

Ian drew out his wand and said magically Tenebris matrem deam trivio cibo fugare caliginem simo animo. Cur tam amissam? Et geminas faces in manibus, cum se canem Hecube, et ICTIS, Gale, tempestates latere tuo deduces me ut oriatur tenebrosa aqua in renatis enim sum filius tuus. Hecate, oro te dirige me in tenebris. Dona pacem me hodie, et ut magiae meae florebit ut EGO can incantabit me ipso et aliis. Amen. It wasa prayer to the goddess Hecate, matron of the Mist and magic. This prayer-spell was designed to boost his magical endurence. Last time he performed a large spell, he fell into a coma.

Now with the prayer done, he can say the spell. Sit nebulae tenebrarum intercluderent mihi pro visum. The air swirled and shimmered around him like a sparkly tornado. The spell was in action, because now nobody can see him with out breaking the spell barier. With his wand, Ian took his wand and drew a little rune on his sleeve. When the wand touched the surface of his jacket, it left a glowing green line. the rune would strenghten the spell resistence of his magic by anyone trying to break in.

Ian sheathed his wand and walked out to the middle of the arena. Now he was gonna have some fun.
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PostSubject: Re: Practicing With Weapons (Open)   

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Practicing With Weapons (Open)
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