Percy Jackson RPG

This is a Role-Play based off of the popular Percy Jackson Series. You can be canons, mortals, almost anything you can think of.
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 Dreaming of Stuff

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Cameron Lakes


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PostSubject: Dreaming of Stuff   Thu Aug 02, 2012 12:56 pm

Cameron walked to the Mess Hall.Cameron had on red tight jeans,black t shirt,red jacket,red high tops,Red Aedo Hat. Cameron flipped his hair then he walked to eat his food. Cameron looked around as he was usually doing. Cameron came to the Mess Hall then he sat at Hermes table then he looked.

Cameron was always in these cool outfits he liked. Cameron looked at the other campers. Cameron then looked at the Ares Cabin and smirked his least favorite campers. " I'm sure not snobby. "


Year One
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Dreaming of Stuff
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