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This is a Role-Play based off of the popular Percy Jackson Series. You can be canons, mortals, almost anything you can think of.
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 The New Beginning.

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Matthew Lee

Matthew Lee

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PostSubject: The New Beginning.   Wed Jul 25, 2012 4:44 pm

Matt was rubbing his eyes. This day was the worst day of his life.

First of all, he just found out this morning that he was an adoptive child. His parents found him in a cardboard box outside their home in Korea, with a note, saying that they should take care of him, for he will bring greatness to their family. His name in Korea was Myung-Dae, and does mean 'right and great' in Korean. And with that, Matt's parents treat him as their own son. A few years later, after giving birth to a daughter named Hyun-Ae (Hillary, if one wants to know her name in English), they move together to the United States, because of their father job. All goes well. Matt was having a perfect life. That is... until today.

Someone named Bernie suddenly pops in his class. Matt has never seen him before today. He was pestering Matt with questions that is too peculiar to be true. Is he ADHD (Matt doesn't know anything about that, at all. He just spaced out when Bernie chattering about this particular subject), does he has stalkers, does he has dyslexia, and a few other questions which makes Matt's head spins. But oddly enough, he could answer most of them. Matt knows nothing about ADHD, but as Bernie explains what it is, it could explains how Matt was so good at taekwondo, a sport that he diligently followed since he was 5 years old. As for stalkers... yes, he has some of them. Sometimes girls with sparkling eyes and odd face, and sometimes guys with very bulky build. But Matt always went to school and come home with private vehicle, so those people can't really bug him too much. And last but not least, about dyslexia... Matt has diagnosed with it since birth. Yes, it does bother him from time to time, but he learn to overcome that particular...'sickness', as how others put it.

Of course, Matt doesn't believe what Bernie was saying at first. He quickly yanked Bernie from his lunch, call his father's driver, and force him to come to school at noon and get him home. When he got at his apartment (or a condo, whichever other people called it), Matt yelled for his mother, a middle-aged women name Marie. He wanted his parent to say that what his new friend says was not true, that he is their biological children. But when Matt saw his mother's teary eyes, a part of his heart was shattered. It is true. He is an adoptive child.

After that, everything was a blur. Bernie was explaining to his parents about who Matt really is, while her younger sister, Hillary, was holding his hands the entire time. A few hours later, all of Matt's belonging was packed and ready to go to the special place Bernie was talking about. A place where kids like him would be safe. Matt was not nodding nor shaking his head. He doesn't know what to do anymore. It's like having an amnesia: his whole life was a lie. What was he supposed to do next?

With that thought in mind, Matt gazed at the scene in front of him. Couple of kids running around, big white house on the left, A lot of small ones below him and after that, followed by a body of water and a forest, surrounding the valley. Bernie said that Matt should find his own way, since he has to meet the Elders. Before he trotted to the woods, he kicked his shoes and uncap his newspaper boy hat, revealing his true self: A satyr. But nothing could surprise Matt even more than having the fact that he was not a mortal. He's a demigod, for Pete's sake.

Matt were picking up his belongings with a blank stare. A trunk on his left hand, and a small backpack on his right hand. He stands in the Hill with confusion in his face, deciding what to do next. Hopefully on of these kids that swarming the place could show him where he should go, but everyone seems to be minding their own business. Matt was waiting patiently, for anyone that would help him find his direction in this place, Camp Half-Blood.


Matt talks in #4355AA
Set made by me! Very Happy And FYI, Matt's age is 16. Smile
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Johnathan Barr

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PostSubject: Re: The New Beginning.   Thu Oct 11, 2012 12:46 pm

Dressed in his school uniform, and possessing nothing but his wallet, keys and iPhone 4 as he had been simply tossed on the back of that Pegasus to escape the Gorgon attack, Johnathan stepped carefully past Thalia's pine tree, unaware that it delineated the border of Camp.

Eyes wide with anticipation, he started down the other side of the Hill, wondering if someone would come and get him, or if he was supposed to simply walk up to one of the buildings and knock. At the same time, he wondered what other surprises and adventures lay in store for him...
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The New Beginning.
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