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This is a Role-Play based off of the popular Percy Jackson Series. You can be canons, mortals, almost anything you can think of.
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 The House of Night ((Open))

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Eowyn Oppedyk
Daughter of Nyx
Eowyn Oppedyk

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PostSubject: The House of Night ((Open))   The House of Night ((Open)) Icon_minitimeFri Jul 06, 2012 10:46 pm

Eowyn had gone over to where she was going to build her cabin. It seems Nyx didn't have any children to build it so far and thus, Eowyn was left to design and build a cabin. Not that she minded, she knew exactly what she wanted. Two large trees stood on either side of her plot site and Eowyn sat with a noteblock on her lap, drawing and making notes of her cabin. The building itself would be simple enough, although completely black. It was decoration and such that required most of the work. She would make the ceiling a night sky, which meant the only light in the cabin would come from stars. Now, the material Eowyn wanted to build her cabin with wasn't designed to build with, not exactly at least. Eowyn intended to have the building made from onyx. It was a gemstone but it Eowyn wouldn't settle for anything less than perfect for her cabin, so onyx it was.

Yet Eowyn wouldn't be Eowyn if she hadn't ordered a bunch of wires and some electricity sorce. She'd managed to get them hooked onto the Hephaestus system and had aquired herself a low voltage sorce. It would be quite the shocking experience to get in when the alarms were on. Eowyn smiled. She had it all planned out and not all of it was official. Now, the cabin part with the beds, the bathroom and a separate space, they were all planned and approved as they were standard within a cabin. The secret hatch in the closet? Not so much, nor was the basement she planned to dig out later. Or the wiring she was going to do. All in all, Eowyn had gotten a little overexited. The less than legal plans weren't on paper though, she wouldn't risk that. But she needed a place to sneak Thomas into other than the big house right? See, a very good reason to bend the rules a littlle bit.

Eowyn stood up and walked over to the rather large pile of onyxes she'd ordered earlier. They were shaped like very lage and oversized bricks so that she'd end up with a fairly thick wall. She still needed a ladder for the higher parts though. Yet Eowyn got to work, at building some wooden beams into the floor to support the floor and to leave a basis for her cabin to rest on when she'd work on the basement. After she had a wooden floor, she placed the black onyx tiles on them, building the first layer of the wall. Eowyn was happy she'd picked the evening to work on her cabin, she would have hated doing this in the sun. It was steadily getting darker as Eowyn struggled to get the layout of her cabin. She looked around, trying to see if people were around to help her. She thought for a moment and decided that if any progress was to happen, she'd need some serious help. She sighed and turn around, toward the other cabins. "Hey, does anybody want to help me? Please?" She shouted. She'd already done the floor herself, meaning the basis for her electric security system was in place properly. Also, she's already gotten the beds in so that she wouldn't have to try stuffing them through the doorway later. She sighed in relief as she saw somebody come up to (hopefully) help her with the cabin.

The House of Night ((Open)) Nyxian
By Aphrodite... No, actually it's by me... Because we're the same person....

The House of Night ((Open)) NyxCabinThe House of Night ((Open)) Lunapic_134326824510691_2 The House of Night ((Open)) PJO2012

Avi by Artemis! Because she's epic!!
The House of Night ((Open)) 7banners
First by Artemis, Second by Marie @ HBH/Poppy @ CBH7
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Thomas Kirtley
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Thomas Kirtley

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PostSubject: Re: The House of Night ((Open))   The House of Night ((Open)) Icon_minitimeWed Aug 01, 2012 1:37 am

((ok, obviously, this is set before Down the Dungeon. XD))
Thomas was sitting in the Athena cabin, bored out of his mind, when he decided to check on his girlfriend Eowyn. She was… Gods, she was something else. Thomas remembered her in the big house and smiled, remembering how much he enjoyed her touch. Thomas wondered if she ever got a cabin built for her. Thomas decided to check, when he suddenly found a knock on the door. He got up, going to the door, as he threw some shorts on over his boxers. At the door was some satyr, telling him that a girl was attempting to build a cabin by herself. Thomas smiled. At this time of night? It was obviously Eowyn’s doing. Thomas tossed some shows on, as well as a light shirt, and put on a vest, which he filled with various items such as pencils, and he grabbed some drafting paper as well. When Thomas passed by one of the Athena campers, he was grabbed by one, till he managed to shrug her off. After sneaking out of the cabin, Thomas crept off, following the Satyr.

Sure enough, Eowyn was trying to build a cabin out of solid onyx. Thomas smiled. This was just… Obviously, she needed some help drafting up some plans. Thomas crept out into the open, and then announced himself. “Hey there, Eowyn. How are you doing?” Thomas waited as she climbed down the ladder, and then embraced her with one hand, holding a few scrolls of drafting paper in the other. “Hey, glad to see you’re making yourself a cabin. You shouldn’t be cramped up in the Hermes cabin all day long. It’s bad for you.” Thomas looked at the half built cabin. “And that is NOT how I would start building my cabin.” Thomas smiled, pulling her to him as he gently kissed her lips. Pulling away, Thomas set the paper onto a table. “First off, we will need some wood, to make a general structural skeleton for the cabin. Then, and only then, can we start fitting in the Onyx.” Thomas waited, ready for her reaction. After that, he started to get the tools. “Don’t worry, Eowyn. We got this. The cabin will be up before dawn.”

((Meep, I'm sorry that I'm the first to reply to this, and at souch a distant time. It'll probably add something to your alread long list of things to write, but I saw this and was like HAEELLL NO! I is replying! But hey, Thomas needs some drafting skills.))

The House of Night ((Open)) Thomasversie
The House of Night ((Open)) ThomasThe House of Night ((Open)) Infamo10
The House of Night ((Open)) Lunapic_134326824510691_2 The House of Night ((Open)) PJO2012
Credit:Sephrodite for the Set and Bead, Arty for the Eomas button
Thomas speaks in Eomas
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The House of Night ((Open))
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