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This is a Role-Play based off of the popular Percy Jackson Series. You can be canons, mortals, almost anything you can think of.
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 Cabin #21: Khione

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Luna Wolfe
Daughter of Khione
Luna Wolfe

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PostSubject: Cabin #21: Khione   Cabin #21: Khione Icon_minitimeFri Jul 06, 2012 3:14 pm

As soon as Luna was claimed, she went to work on building a cabin. She ordered marble and blue quartz. Luna sat in the Hermes cabin that night, thinking and drawing it up. The next day she saw the matirials there and smiled. She went around camp and asked people to help, esspecially the kids from the Hephaesetus cabin. Some came to help. After some days of woking, it was finished. Luna looked at it and smiled. The building itself was of marble and the roof was of blue quartz. It looked like ice.

i hope you like it mother..

As soon as she said that, it started to snow around the cabin. It made the building glimmer and glisten. The kids left and Luna went inside. Luna walked in, seeing the cabin. She smiled, feeling the coolness. She saw icicles and snowflakes dangling from the lovely baby blue quartz ceiling. She saw the bed, which she had ordered and dressed them with white and blue bed covers. The floor was covered with light frost, not slippery, but it glistend and glittered. The walls where the same, a beautiful white. There was a fire place but it was for decoration now.

Luna smiled, picking the bunk with a desk, a trunk, and a dresser, all blue and white. It was near the fire place and a window near the forest. Luna put a sign saying in big letters: Luna Beth's Bunk. She put her stuff away and took out a vase, putting the flowers in. As soon as she did, they got a lovely frost on them. She laid on her bed and closed her eyes, smiling..

"Thank you mother.... At last im not an orphan...."

Luna Beth, 16, Daughter of Khione. She talks in This color and thinks like this

Cabin #21: Khione Luna

Cabin #21: Khione LunaBanner2

"My gift to you is this necklace, an icicle which never melts. It transforms into a sword of ice when you hold it. Be carefull my wonderful girl, because there are many dangers out there."
-Khione, goddess of snow

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Blaze Imperia

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PostSubject: Re: Cabin #21: Khione   Cabin #21: Khione Icon_minitimeSat Jul 07, 2012 5:20 am

Blaze was sleeping next to Luna on his sleeping bag. Luna was working on the Khione cabin. He wondered what the cabin would look like. Would it look like a igloo? An igloo would melt because camp is scorching hot sometimes. He decided to wake up and look at what she has drawn so far. She was very creative so there's probably a mansion or something. Though they wouldn't allow it because it's too big. The other campers would be jealous and they would tear it down. He wouldn't dare to, but Ares kids would.

I wonder dad. Who is my mother?

He sat up and looked at Luna. "So how's that cabin design coming along?" He asked her. She had a really cool bed, but no other beds for any other Khione children. "Do you have any other beds just in case?" He asked her. "There could be other Khione children so they don't have to sleep on the floor." He told her. He smiled and laid back down on his sleeping bag. It felt so comfy today, but he didn't know why. He drifted to sleep a few minutes after because he was so tired from being the the infirmary lmost the whole night with Luna. He started dreaming approximately two hours after he fell asleep.

He dreamt about his mother after he was born. A few days later, his mother left his dad because of an unknown reason. His father was having a terrible breakdown after that. Outside, Blaze was squirming around like a crazy person. Well. Not really. He was like Luna. He was crying on the outside and sad on the inside because he wanted to see his mom. His mom was the only relative he had left in life. The rest are either dead or away.

"Mother. I wish to see you one more time."

Blaze talks in this color and thinks about other stuff in this color.

Cabin #21: Khione PJO2012
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Cabin #21: Khione
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