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This is a Role-Play based off of the popular Percy Jackson Series. You can be canons, mortals, almost anything you can think of.
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 nightmares and dreams

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Seamus Dellas
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Seamus Dellas

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nightmares and dreams Empty
PostSubject: nightmares and dreams   nightmares and dreams Icon_minitimeMon Apr 30, 2012 1:14 pm

Seamus was sleeping then had a a dream. Hades why do i care about your son Nico. Well he is my son i guess there is a new kid at Camp Half Blood named Seamus Dellas shall we get him to join Kronos. I'm not on Kronos side at all i bet he cant fight. Seamus Dellas is to much of new kid he doesnt know how to fight. Well i will send monster after him after the summer session. He is going Meriwheiler Prep am i right his presents are too good to me. Seamus Dellas better watch out Nico will keep an eye on you. Seamus woke up with sweat all over him. He got up and saw it was 7:00 a.m. Seamus got dressed and went to the Mess Hall.

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nightmares and dreams
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